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Home Users


The At-Home Ear-Candler

Some folks just prefer to candle at home, for a variety of reasons.

Circumstances such as where you live, your family and life commitments - you just may not be able to have a Therapist provide you with this service. 

On our website, I will give you all the details you need to candle at home, like what you need to set up before you candle in a safe and comfortable environment. How the candle sits in your ear, prior to being lit and once it is burning.

Each packet of ear candles contains start to finish directions too.

Once ear candling is on your family’s to-do list you can discover this great natural therapeutic cleansing so relaxing and effective!

Salon Therapists


The Therapist

I have been supplying Therapists in their Salons for a more than 15 years now.

With CLARITY® Ear Candles, every Therapist knows that when they are using this product in a therapeutic cleansing session with their valued clients, they can trust that they are using the highest quality and reliable ear candles.

No mess, no drops, no odour – just quality ear candles for a relaxing, cleansing balance. 

There are a couple of size packs available for Therapists – 15 pairs and 30 pairs. Stocks are plentiful and turn-around time is minimal.

CLARITY® Ear Candles are registered with the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG 151046).

Heat Protective Discs & Free Shipping


This Silver Heat Reflective disc is included with every order.

Using this disc in your ear candling session will provide you or your client with a comfortable experience. 

You will receive a complimentary disc with every order!

Your Clarity Ear Candles order will also be dispatched to you free of charge.