How to Candle - Images and Guidance

What you will need

Set yourself up with your ear candles, a lighter, a small container of water for extinguishing the used ear candle and a pair of scissors to cut off the burned portion after the process is complete.  You will also need a mirror so that you can watch as you perform the ear candling.

The ear candling process

Make sure you are lying in a draft free area.   Once you light the candle and insert into your ear opening, watch yourself continually in a mirror.  You should remove the candle half way through, to trim off the burned cotton, then re-insert into the ear. Complete process takes about 15 minutes.  Burning down to the silver safety line, you can then remove and extinguish,  cutting off burned portion at the silver safely line.

Finishing your candling session

Repeat the same process on your other ear.  After you have removed and extinguished each candle from your ear opening, cut off used portion at silver line, then you can unfurl to reveal what has been removed.