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Ear Candles | Beeswax candles for balance and ear wax removal

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Clarity for ear candling

At-Home Ear Candlers & Therapists

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For the at-home ear candlers or for the Salon Therapists, high quality CLARITY® Ear Candles are the most trusted brand for  a therapeutic and relaxing cleansing session.  

Fragrance-free, long burning with no mess. beeswax candles ear wax removal ear cleaning

Clarity Guarantees 100% Satisfaction

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Since 2003 at Clarity, we have been setting exceptionally high standards and stand behind the quality of our  natural beeswax Ear Candles.   Share in the quality and effectiveness of CLARITY® Ear Candles for your  therapeutic health benefits. beeswax candles ear wax removal ear cleaning

Your Heat Reflective Disc

Heat Reflective Disc

This Silver Heat Reflective disc is included with every order.

Using this disc in your ear candling session will provide you or your client with a comfortable experience. 

Complimentary with every order! ear candles beeswax candles ear wax removal ear cleaning

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